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The Mindful Leader
Maintaining energy and focus in face of challenging

An Exclusive one-week residential retreat, specifically designed
for senior business leaders.

19th—23rd October, Lough Finn, Co. Fermanagh, Northern Ireland.


Standout Leaders are those that are able to stay calm, focused and aware in all situations. Yet we all know that is not easy to achieve, especially for leaders in large and complex organisations.

In order to stay energised rather than be defeated by the constant pressures and stresses of our daily life, we need an under-standing of ourselves that comes not just from our experience of the outside world, but also from our experience of the inside – our mental processes, thoughts and sensations.

We have designed a program to allow you to do exactly that. Taking the best in Leadership Development from our own experience – spanning 20 years, we want to take you on a journey of discovery of perhaps the most exciting landscape that you will ever explore: YOU!

This program is expertly facilitated by seasoned and highly experienced leadership advisers and mindfulness practitioners. The retreat is designed to help you make a more conscious connection to the inner drivers that impact on all aspects of your life.

We cannot make the constant pressures of life go away, but we can help you choose how to remain alert to those pressures and make conscious choices on how you will respond to them. Empowering you to become more calm and centered whatever the circumstances that life throws at you.

I will be facilitating this retreat with Mary McGuire and Mark quirk.  Mary has worked on transformation and change in global organisations for over 20 years. In that time, her work has included executive coaching and group-wide leadership development programmes. Since bringing mindfulness practice into her daily life, she has integrated this into her work, so that leaders can learn to reflect and respond more mindfully to the constant pressures of the modern world. She has a high energy engaging style that infuses fun and positive energy.

Mark Quirk had a successful 20+ year career at Microsoft, before becoming a consultant supporting performance and wellbeing in the workplace through mindfulness and positive intervention. He holds an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP), as well as being trained and experienced in teaching mindfulness practice.

Over the last few years Mark has run a range of workshops and programmes for a wide variety of clients across the public and private sector. Mark has an engaging and dynamic style that instantly builds rapport with course participants.

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