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Are you ready?

Non Dual coaching

with Amaranatho
and the Headless approach from Douglas Harding

Are you curious about who you are?
Who Am I?
What is the nature of reality?
Can I be really happy?

What is Non Duality?


This is a recognition there is no fixed or separate self,
there is no inherent separation between oneself and the world.

This is a recognition beyond words, conditions, ideas and concepts



Maybe some of these statements
resonate with you?

You’ve read a lots of book from authors like
Sam Harris, Jeff foster, Deepak Chopra, Ken Wilber and are still confused?

You want to explore non-duality for the first time

You have a lot of experience and want to explore the nuances of the non-dual space.

You access stillness, quietness and finding it hard to integrate in your life

You have a trauma/habit/belief which gets entangled with non-duality

You struggle to bring non-duality into your relationship.

When you are quietly sitting on a meditation cushion,
the world is a fabulous place
then it falls a part once you leave it.

You want to end your spiritual search
are not seeking bliss, experiences, transmissions, or a guru

Working with Amaranatho has been like walking across a bridge.... a bridge that connects the outer world with the inner world and the mind with the body.

This integrative work is like mindfulness decoded and has given me the courage to trust my body which in turn allows me to move towards experiences that heal rather than hurt.

I am so blessed because what he made me aware of was my own wisdom.

An extraordinary guide, I will be forever grateful.

Thank you, Julie

I am often asked do you live in non-duality all the time, the simple answer is no I don’t.

What I can say is that I have tested this out for two decades
the non-dual space has not changed,
has never left
under very extreme circumstances
by grace it has been recognized.

Amaranatho has been an invaluable guide in my journey towards understanding who I am and how to live authentically, through non-dual coaching. I came to this work following a great deal of practice and learning but also with much confusion as to who I am and how I should proceed. I found him to be knowledgeable, patient, respectful and empathetic with a capacity to understand my needs.

Through his guidance, I have gained a much deeper understanding of the territory of my inner self and have developed a greater capacity to interpret it. While I still have much to learn, Amaranatho has expanded the map of my understanding and helped me find an authentic space from which to live my life. I highly recommend him to anyone in similar circumstances who is seeking guidance on their own journey towards self-discovery and fulfillment.

My approach?

I consider myself a guide where we co-create your journey.

What I have found and experienced is that my personality and conditioning stopped from seeing clearly seeing who I was: my trauma’s, family and social conditioning.

I’ll help you untangle your conditioning, so you are not using non-duality, spirituality or anything else to bypass your personality, emotions, or the pain and joy of living on the planet and full recognise who you are.

I have a gift of recognising quickly what hold’s people back and where they are in their journey, Jung called this the shadow work. I combine this with a large toolbox of approaches, including just being with you. I have found brainspotting very helpful with this, as it can be quick at showing and resolving trauma, and hidden parts of ourselves, as it is based on relational attunement.

Who is Amaranatho?

I was a Buddhist monk for 15 years and spent long periods of time alone, dealing with uncertainty and contemplating the deeper questions in life. I have a degree in AI, been a world explorer and am an accredit coaching supervisor and mentor to mindfulness teachers, facilitators, and spiritual leaders.  I work one to one with contemplatives and mindfulness practitioners, meditators that are stuck in their practise and anybody that is curious about who they really are.
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If this resonate with you,
please read are we a fit here
then I invite you to start
your journey
with a free 30-minute discovery call.

Non Dual Resources

For real spiritual success is total failure, the defeat of all our ambition
(which isn’t a scrap better for being spiritual ambition).
It’s the realisation that there’s absolutely nothing to be achieved,
that all’s well here and now,
that we’ve never for an instant left the goal
were striving to reach one day.
Our bondage isn’t failure to win our liberation,
but to see it. In fact, it’s our aim that stands in the way of its realisation.
It’s our anxiety to arrive at perfection in the unreal
realisable future which hides perfection which at this moment
is staring us in the face.

Looking back -Two autobiographical essays from Douglas Harding

I have been around Douglas Harding teachings for over two decades and attended many workshops , first as Buddhist monk. Richard Lang from the headless way interviewed me as a Buddhist monk  in 2013 – you can watch  it here and then after I disrobed in 2023 here. Since 2024 I have started to facilitate headless workshop sessions.