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Time for a break…..

Here is an opportunity to step back from what you are doing, to inquire and notice.
This is a reflection from me and not a teaching or set of instructions, use it to notice and explore how it effects you.
This page contains a video reflection, guided mindfulness meditation and video to inquire about.



Let’s start our exploration with some calming mindfulness
there are two options
a 3 minute video
a 15 minute audio track.

If you can find
a quiet place
comfortable position
that will be helpful.
If you are struggling with a mental health issues,
best to check first with your
mental provider before listening,
otherwise go slowly,
knowing you can stop any time.

Play Video

3 minute guided mindfulness



Notice how you body feels know and
how placing your attention on it can help
you stay focused and calm down.


 From this place of calm I’d like you to
watch the video below
explore how it effects you.

Play Video


Here are some suggested questions
to ask
yourself from the video clip.

Pause and Reflect

How does your body feel right now?

What type of feelings do you have in the body, is it hot, cold, tingling

Where are they located?

Do you like them?

You can always stop this if it is uncomfortable..

What are you blind to in your life?

Sometime we don’t want to see things in our life, they are too painful.  How might you find a way or support to explore that?

Other-times we really want to engage, celebrate and how might you share that with others?

What does trust mean for you?

What do you need to do have trust in what you do?

How might you step out in your life?

Write down or explore with your friends what you might like to do with your life.

Why did I do this?

In April 2015  I stopped being a Buddhist monk: my life as a homeless beggar was over. I stepped into the unknown and had no idea where life would take me. Shortly after this I decided to do a blindfold hug in the middle of a shopping center, which  was a moment of trust.  You can read the full story here. During the COVID-19 pandemic I’m not suggesting you do this!  

Notice how even watching a video can have a powerful effect on us. Learning to notice how your body feels and how your breath reacts to that, or the other way round, is the starting place to stop reacting to life. If gives you the ability to make effective choices. You are giving your self a break, with kindness and understanding. 

I offer this video today as a gift to all those people alone, suffering, for anybody that needs a hug right now. May this help them to have a moment of joy, connection and peace.

May it encourage you to continue to reach out and to investigate yourself, life and recognise the peace you are.

If you are an educator, teacher or part of management and curious to know how I work you can find more details about what I do here and here