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Construct a different view of how you deal

with stress and communicate.

Increase your effectiveness to deal with

complex and changing situations.

The construction industry is full of deadlines, information overload, and complex communications, all of which we need to manage in positive ways. However, if we are responding to these situations with a mind full of worries about the past or concerns about the future, our energy can be depleted, often leaving us exhausted.


Learn mindfulness from a expert in a beautiful residential setting with other senior members of the construction industry.
Will help with integrating BIM to your organization

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Increase productivity
Decrease absenteeism
Employee engagement
Personal well-being
Increasing amount of scientific research on mindfulness


Improved clarity
More effective Communication
Feel more alive and have more energy

Mindfulness is an ability to see more clearly what is happening in the present moment, and, with an attitude of accepting the way it is, to respond both skilfully and appropriately.
With this quality of attention, we can better understand our own concerns and anxieties and feel more alive to the many situations which life presents.

aerial-view Why a Three day retreat at the Innovation Center, Seaton Hall?

Seaton hall is situated in the heart of where the industrial revolution started - Yorkshire. It provides a stunning backdrop of nature, history and contemplative communities to explore why we react to life the we way do.

Seaton hall is the residential assessment centre for the Institute of Specialist Surveyors and Engineers (ISSE) and  the Awarding Body of the Built Enviroment (ABBE) - which is the leading awarding body of the built environment and has a deservedly high respect among property professionals.

Three days gives enough time out of the workplace to reflect on the way we do our jobs, to speak with other members of the industry and most importantly to learn mindfulness experiential.

This is a unique retreat offering life changing skills

for your work and personal life,

with an expert that has applied

and tested mindfulness realistically in daily life.

IMG_4940Who is Amaranatho and what experience does he have for this retreat?

As a Mindfulness facilitator, Amaranatho brings his accumulated skills to the retreat, having been a Buddhist Monk for 15 years. He has also been in leadership roles for most of his life, as a young adult in the computer industry, as well as a world explorer. He has developed and run residential retreats for large groups of people, as well as facilitating corporate workshops. He creates a safe space for authentic communication and is a natural trouble shooter. He is interested in the interpersonal aspect of mindfulness and how we can use our daily interaction with people to develop emotional resilience, kindness and peace. His approach is based on cutting edge science, ancient wisdom and the creative use of multimedia. You can find out more about me here


My personal experience with the construction industry

Shortly after leaving the monastery I converted a basement to a flat for my London base. This conversion went horrible wrong, it left us with raw sewage in the basement, mould and a battle with Thames water, and an insurance bill that will probably come to over 200,000.

When the insurance adviser first came on site we were told that because we had been persistent, calm and fair, we had probably saved ourselves three years work.

Not only did my mindfulness/trauma training come in useful it allowed me to deal with complexity and uncertainty,  liaising with the all different people involved.

Read rest of story here

I was moved into temporary accommodation for eight months, the house was condemned as toxic and everything, and I mean everything needed to be cleaned or disposed of.

My mindfulness practice helped me in finding the right contractors and project manager. I did this by investing a considerable amount of money in the initial in investigation, as well as making sure they where eco-friendly. I had suffered from black mould poising and did a huge amount of research on finding the best way to heal myself and why I got I'll in the first place. I found that this is sometimes called sick building syndrome.

After a year of working on this project nearly full time, I now have a lot of experience working with contractors, insurance claims, toxic buildings as well the necessary changes in lifestyle to recover from all of this.

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Organizations have I worked with


What have I done?

"We were recently privileged to host Amaranatho as part of a one-week mindful experience program aimed at supporting and improving the mental well-being of our staff.
Feedback from participants have been overwhelmingly positive and staff have commented on the benefits of the one-on-one sessions and group workshops.
We strongly believe workplace health has a direct relationship with our work/life balance and organisational productivity and we would like to thank Amaranatho for facilitating the week-long mindfulness program."

read report of program here
Chris Bone, Executive Director, Armadale Health Service

Who Should Attend the Retreat:

• Managers
• Team Leaders
• Supervisors
• HR Professionals

Retreat Details:

Costs:           From £690
Includes all meals
• Luxury accommodation ensuite
Group online meeting before and after retreat
Tuition fees

Location:     The Innovation Centre,  Seaton Hall, Yorkshire

Further information and timetable

The retreat has amble time for rest, conversation and will include walks in nature. The retreat will be a mixture of interactive exercises as well as periods of silence. Some exercise will require the sharing of thoughts and feelings in pairs and in the group. 

Look at the timetable

Arrive after 5.00 
Supper 7.00 - 8.00pm
Introductory session 8.15pm

Breakfast 8-8.30pm
Morning Session:  What do you want to build?
Lunch break and rest 12.30 - 2.15pm
Afternoon Session:  The foundation of Mindfulness
Tea Break and rest 5pm
Evening Meal 7pm
Evening session 8pm

Breakfast 8-8.30pm
Morning Session:  What are you talking about?
Lunch break and rest 12.30 - 2.15pm
Afternoon Session:  Constructing the mind
Tea Break  and rest 5pm
Evening Meal 7pm
Evening session 8pm

Breakfast 8.-8.30am
Closing session: The official opening

Lunch break and depart 12.30pm

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Tea and coffee will be available all day long and breaks will be fitted in with the natural flow of the group. Three vegetarian healthy meals will provided for the retreat and food intolerance/ dietary needs can be catered for.  The retreat will also include aspects of nutrition and looking after the body/mind.

Bespoke Retreats

Bespoke retreats are run on mindfulness based communication, innovation, facilitating change, leadership and mastery level mindfulness. We can also develop specific retreats for your organization. You can contact Amaranatho via email here or contact the Innovation Center on 0800 915 6363

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