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Does your job require you to constantly relate to people?


 The world is too complex to solve with simple management techniques based on a few good practises. If you have hit the limits of what individual mindfulness can bring to you, it’s time to explore how interpersonal mindfulness can make you a better leader.


Learn new listening skills to hear oneself and others more deeply

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Reduce stress and anxiety in relationships
 Increase awareness in interactions
Recognize habitual ways we react to stress and anxiety in relationships


Improved clarity
More effective Communication
Feel more alive and have more energy

Mindfulness is an ability to see more clearly what is happening in the present moment, and, with an attitude of accepting the way it is, to respond both skilfully and appropriately.
With this quality of attention, we can better understand our own concerns and anxieties and feel more alive to the many situations which life presents.

To be able to respond authentically to each situation, we need to be able to vulnerable and to learn from our mistakes. A lack of tolerance for failure is a lack of tolerance for growth. In this workshop you will explore your willingness to risk short term failure (or learning) to gain longer-term success.

This workshop is for leaders who already have a good grounding in mindfulness techniques and want to take this to the next level. If you want to be able to positively influence those around you and deepen your self-awareness, this workshop is for you.

We will quickly work out what stops you being the most effective in relating to other people. In this workshop you will practice mindfulness as a social and embodied process that supports organisational change.

This mastery level introductory is facilitated by Amaranatho a master of interpersonal mindfulness and supported by Mary McGuire a master of organisational change.  


Amaranatho is an expert in applying mindfulness interpersonally to support behavioural changes that are catalysts for transformation and well-being of an organisation. He  was a Buddhist monk for 15 years leading large residential family, young people and adult retreat/workshops around the world, as well as facilitating corporate workshops.

He has been in leadership roles for most of his life, as a young adult in the computer industry, as well as a world explorer. He creates a safe space for authentic communication and is a natural trouble shooter.

He is interested in the interpersonal aspect of mindfulness and how we can use our daily interaction with people to develop emotional resilience, kindness and peace. His approach is based on cutting edge science, ancient wisdom and the creative use of multimedia. You can find out more about me here

Mary McGuire has worked on transformation and change in global organisations for over 20 years. Her work has included executive coaching and group-wide leadership development programmes. Since bringing mindfulness practice into her daily life, she has integrated this into her client work and written a book on how to make mindfulness an everyday activity.

Who Should Attend the Workshop:

• Leaders
• Managers
• Supervisors
• HR Professionals

Workshop Details:
Costs:    £100

Date: 16th May 9.30-1.30pm

Location:   Central London