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When making this transition from retreat back to life, it is important to consider that you have been in a very protected environment. You have been moving at a slow pace and you are much more vulnerable and sensitive than when you entered. Leaving retreats can be quite jarring, in spite of having strengthened your mindfulness, concentration and equanimity. It is important to respect your sensitivity and be gentle in your transition.  It is possible that you will have mood swings and what could be described as culture shock. This is not unusual.  Here are some useful suggestions that help with post-retreat transition.

Many yogis find it helpful to take some post-retreat time off before returning to work.

Don’t immediately check your e-mail and phone messages or be in a rush to catch up with friends and family.

It is helpful to be discriminating about whom you share your experience with. A general recommendation is to communicate your experience only with those who are really interested.

You might consider that the next days, equivalent to the number you spent on retreat as the second half of retreat. This is not the best time to make large, life-changing decisions, such as ending a relationship or changing jobs.

It is recommended that you take lots of walks, acclimating to the faster pace of daily life.

Other activities that are stabilizing and grounding are taking showers, eating full meals, exercising or engaging in other physical activity, getting plenty of sleep and making personal contact with friends

Sitting every day is a helpful bridge to the different environment you are entering.

A support system can be quite helpful, including contact with friends who have a shared frame of reference for retreat life and transition.

Finding a local sitting group can be invaluable. We highly recommended it
If you feel that you are not able to find the support that you need and you are feeling disoriented, confused or overwhelmed, cut back on sitting and contact a teacher in your vicinity.
You may also find it helpful to contact a therapist or counselor who respects your practice and could support your integration process.
Sometimes there is a feeling that challenging experiences during the retreat have continued, and daily life may not have the safety and support to metabolize what is coming up.

(from spirit rocks guidelines)

This article although from a different tradition gives some good advice

If you still feel a bit ungrounded please read this advice

You can offer your feedback here


Disappointments/ Complaints:

It is possible that you did not enjoy your retreat, feel disappointed in some way or even let down. If so, please let us know what happened or why you feel the way you do, by email us. We would like to hear from you if things did not go as you would have liked, as it could help us to improve what we have to offer.