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During some of events that I run, old memories or feelings come up which may over power us, I try my best to make sure people leave feeling okay. Here are some after care suggestions.
1) Don’t plan to go out after the workshop, allow yourself some time to integrate the experience and rest.
2) Do drink plenty of water afterwards, some times psychological processes can release toxins in the body and we need to flush them out. Also its easy to get dehydrated and we can mistake the signals for hunger with the signal to needing to drink water. (why drink water here)
3) At some point during my workshops I normally do these exercises – they help with energetic grounding.
4) If you have not learnt TRE – its worth learning, you can buy the book on Amazon ( or I am willing to offer 1 to 1 sessions)

5) Walk bare foot on the ground – Youtube here for why it is important

6) If you are still struggling after a workshop – please do email me.

Emotional first aid click save as) click save as)

also why a cup of tea can be best – here