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Education and Training

I am a Coaching and Mentoring supervisor with EMCC (European Mentoring council)  reference number: ESIA20210124 (you can check this via the website

and I coach at the senior practitioner level of  EMCC as EIA  (Amaranatho Robey)

I have trained in Brainspotting level 1 and level 2  in 2023

CPD sessions in 2022
Working with core beliefs of never good enough
Exploring Ethics in Coaching
Fascia Conference
EMCC global  Conference
Never Done Before – Facilitor conference.
Americas Coaching Supervision Fifth Annual Conference:
Disrupting our Practice with Compassion
How would we supervise if supervision didn’t exist?
Ethics as a way of navigating novel issues for supervisors with Professor David Lane
GSN session: A framework for supervising team coaches with David Clutterbuck and Craig McKenzie 29/4

GSN session – What happens when mental health issues or signs of trauma are present in the room? 16/6/22 1.5 hours
GSN session: How self awareness and coach development can be applied in coaching supervision 19/8 1 hour
28 October 2022 – Gestalt Supervision. John Leary-Joyce.+ blend CPD sessions

2 year training in Source Process Breath work with Binnie Dansby (which is once a month and one week retreat per year) and have been part of the community for over ten years. Which included a CPD weekend in 2011

Level 1 and 2 Training in TRE with DR. David Bercelli Trauma Release Exercise. 2011-2012

Non-Violent communication with several workshops including with founder Marshall Rosenberg.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course via Timothy Sweeney Heart of Mindfulness(Ireland).

I have participated in a three day intensive with Franklyn Sills on Being and Becoming ( on pre and peri natal psychology and Buddhist psychotherapy) 2013

Small group Buddhist Psychotherapy with monks and supervisor from Karuna institute (approx 2008-2010 very month)

Training in metamorphic technique in 2015

I have done numerous ten day Goenka retreats, sati-pattahana and a 30 day course. I lived for six months at the Katmandu center in Nepal and was male manager on the 10 day course during that time. I lived for nearly two years at the Goenka center in the UK.

I have been on a number of 10 day retreats with Ajahn Sumedho.
3 month group retreat every year for eights years at Amaravati
3 month solitary retreat (which means being alone in a hut and only seeing the person that brought me food once a week)
4 x one month  solitary retreat

I have two criminal record bureau checks to work with young people in UK and one in Australia.

When I was working as technical support manager I attended a business course which Dale Carnegie designed.

Workshops and conference attended
Family constellation workshops, breath of life conference, parenting conference, (between 2010-2013). One week Gestalt workshop held at Amaravati for monks (about 2008)
I have been in regular supervision for over twenty years with various accredited supervisor.



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