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Family camps and Creative weekends facilitated.
Since 2001 till 2011 I ran a weekend, 3 day and 8 day family camp (consisting of approx 100 people and 6-8 helpers), and Young person (30+ young people + 6-8 helpers) yearly.

From 2005 to 2010 I also started running adult creative retreats, all these were held at Amaravati Buddhist Monastery.
Family camps in Ireland in 2007,2008


Young people (YP) Retreats facilitated in Malaysia
April 2010 – At Bodhi hearts – weekend retreat -20 YP 3 helpers
March 2010 Uttama Buddhist Society- Weekend retreat -30 YP – 4 helpers
December 2010 – Nalanda Buddhist society – 4 nights 3days – 32 YP and 4 helpers.
December 2010 – Uttama Buddhist Society 5 nights – 40 + YP – 6 helpers+
December 2011 – Nalanda Buddhist society – 4 nights 3days – 32 YP and 4 helpers.
December 2011 – Uttama Buddhist Society 5 nights – 40 + YP – 6 helpers+

Other Young people Retreats
4 day Secular Young person retreat for the Wisdom Project – 18 YP – 4 helpers 
designed program and was lead facilitator (2013)


Adult retreats Facilitated

One day retreat Nalanda 2010
Weekend retreat Spain 2010
7 day retreat 2010 Yorkshire UK
Several Gardening Retreats during 2011 at Oakcroft organic Farm UK
A few weekend retreats at Oxford Buddhist Vihara
Jewish Buddhist Weekend April retreat 2010
Jewish Buddhist retreat co-lead with Rabbi 2011
Mens weekend retreat 2011
7 Day retreat England, May 2011
7 day retreat Jhana grove Nov 2012
9 day retreat at Jhana grove 2013, 2014
Weekend retreat Jhana grove 2014
Weekend retreats at Sunyata Retreat March 2010, 2013
, 2014 (3day)
7 day retreat retreat 2013 Liverpool
Weekend retreat Nanga Bush camp Feb 2012, October 2012, Nov2013, 2014
7 Day Retreat and 2 x weekend Retreat Australia 2014
5 Day Retreat Ireland 2015
Weekend Retreat Perth Australia  Feb 2016


Public talks and Presentation Given.
Talk at The Network of Buddhist Organization (UK) on running family camps
Talk on Engaging Teenagers for National Conference on Buddhist Education (UK)
Creativity the Arts and the Ordained Life (included two workshops)
Limmund ( A jewish conference) on Buddhism and Judaism
Various schools including Park hill primary school, and Watford Grammar school, Bishops Stortford Grammar school a number of times, and Eton, Jcoss (2015)
Talks and workshops at Buddhafield festival 2011,2012,2013
Regular speaker at One spirit interfaith seminary for the last six years.
5 talks at dhammaloka 2012 and 3 talks in 2013, 3 talks 2014
2 public talks in Adelaide 2013
I speak at the Rabbinical Training College in London.
Mindfulness for mental Health -Sponsored by Richmond Fellowship and Visability -for general Public -2014
Landgate Innovation – Public talk Mindfulness and Mapping the inner landscape -2014
Mindfulness for well being with Staff from Juniper – one of Western Australian largest aged care organisations -2014
Integral Institute – From Stress to Freedom Talk -2014
Mindfulness based Workshop for staff and key mental health workers Richmond Fellowship of Western Australia -2014


Workshop Facilitated
5 day workshop at Boarding school Denmark on Buddhism and Interfaith relations 2008
1 Day workshop Kuching, Sabah for University students 2011
My body is safe – 2012 UK, and two in Malaysia 2012
One day breath work for Young Jewish people in London 2012
Workshops Australia 2012 – Archetypes, Story telling, Vicarious trauma
, TRE (trauma release exercise) – for freemantle Cultural center, introduction mindfulness for Lifeline and Drug Arm WA (2012-2013)
1 day workshop for teachers at Brickfield Buddhist Center Malaysia 2012
1 day workshop for Buddhist Counsellor on Trauma, Kuala lumper 2012
Australia 2013, introduction to Buddhist Psychotherapy, mindfulness based parenting, my body is safe, stress busters (three times), Shame – betrayal and abandonment, Shadow, health-diet and energy medicine, your love is received, vulnerability.
One Day workshop for University students in Sabah 2012
Introductory workshop for Sri Lankan Buddhist Students (13-18 years) in Adelaide 2013
One day workshop on Trauma for Richmond fellowship staff 2014


Shadow workshop, Letting it all go, Re-parenting Workshop, Anger is Energy, My body is safe, Stress busters, integral development staff training.

mindfulness based change, professionally stressed


Courses facilitated
Mindfulness based parenting Malaysia 2012 (2 courses), Minawara house Australia 2012, Sikh Community London 2013
Young person retreat facilitator training 2012 Malaysia – consisting of 2 one day training and a weekend retreat (around 30 people attended)
4 week mindfulness course for Toshiba
2 x 8 week Mindfulness based stress reduction course. Australia 2012
Heart of community 6 week course,
2x8week from stress to freedom Australia 2013
Living Buddhism 4 week course Australia 2012,2103
Four week course at University college London for Buddhist Society


2 x From stress to freedom (8 week), heart of community(8 week)


From stress to freedom (8 week), heart of community(8 week)


Facilitation for One spirit Interfaith trustee and core staff – November 2011
I work as lead trainer and facilitator for the AFAN interfaith project ( ) – I created my own training workshops and have delivered this in a large number of Further education colleges around the UK working, training staff and running the program with students.
I have been an educational consultant and facilitator for the wisdom project (, facilitator for the Shrine Project (both projects are part of Eton College).
I also work as mentor, life coach, supervisor to other facilitators and have a number of clients.


Pre Monastic Training
BTEC in Electronic Engineering – 1986
Degree in Artificial Intelligence from Sussex University – 2.1 honors Degree
Jobs: Technical Support Manager for Europe in a Computer company, Computer Technician, Intern at Phillips, BP research lab, The Center for Cognitive Neuroscience in UC Davis, USA


Feedback about all events pre -2014 is here and post 2014 here