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I run a variety of workshops for understanding the way our habits are formed, so that we can be reminded of our inner freedom. They are based on co-exploration, a safe and playful atmosphere to explore your habits, and held within a space of love.

This workshops include: Shadow work, Stress Busters, Re-parenting, breath work, Anger is a energy, Letting it all go, Tell me your story, Dealing with change – Freedom to choose, Working with archetypes, Opening to Vulnerability, Finding your life’s purpose, Health, Diet and Energy Medicine, Your love is received, Introduction to Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy


Feedback from Participants

I think the work shop goes very deep into each of us. I think some part of myself have healed after the workshop…. I would love to attend this again. It is a powerful workshop. The workshop has been conducted in a very thoughtful and safe manner.

Amaranatho has a relaxed open friendly style which helps participants be authentic. He has a lot of knowledge about the deeper process of being human, including the difficult parts experienced by many human beings. There aren’t many people who openly and joyfully lead you through the territory of feeling, owning feelings that can be painful, scary etc.

I’ve never been to a workshop before where I have come out feeling incredibly nourished and resourced, but also that I have opened up a path for ongoing learning that seems limitless. It invigorating and a full proof method provided you are prepared to engage and participate.


All my workshop have anonymous feedback