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Workplace Workshops

Integral Development –  Staff development session

Integral Development is one of Australia’s most unique and experienced Leadership and  Management consultancies, providing a comprehensive range of best practice leadership and organizational development services.


Feedback from Participants

Fabulous, insightful and provocative. I found the messages delivered in safe and humorous manner.  I enjoyed the interaction and seeing the different reactions.   It allowed me to observe myself and others, as the as the master of our own destiny.

….he is a very skilled and has a great capacity to dealing with group discomfort & unease!

I enjoyed the session and found it to be beneficial.  It was good to see other people’s reaction to the stress / tension and I found that insightful.  I even chatted with my wife about the session and tested the notions of disappointment in others being there responsibility or that of the person perceiving the disappointment.


Landgate Innovation  Mindfulness based Change

Landgate has its origins in one of the oldest government departments in Western Australia. It is recognised as a leader in the management and use of location information and technology.

Approximately 120 people attended the sessions. This statistic is in itself a good indicator that the topic was relevant to our staff.
Verbal feedback received shows that a number of people were moved by your workshops and excited about the prospect of addressing change in an optimistic way.

Staff gained an understanding of the nature of change through your workshops which was really important for them and the business at the time. Your workshops showed staff a different way to look at change in their lives and how they could harness mindfulness both and outside of work for positive effect.

So thank you for bringing a special brand of mindfulness to Landgate. It seems to have had a very good effect on our people.

Elaine Olsen
Innovation Consultant