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Mindfulness for well-being and mental health

Richmond Fellowship of Western Australia 
Introduction to Mindfulness
Leaders and key influencer in bringing Recovery into mainstream mental health practices.


Of the 18 attendees at the Mindfulness workshop, 94% found the information in the workshop interesting, with 71% strongly agreeing with this statement.

88% reported that their knowledge of the topic of mindfulness has been significantly increased.

94% reported that the knowledge they gained from the workshop would be useful in their personal and professional life.

Several participants requested that they would like Amaranatho to present again in future.


Professional Stress for Mental health workers
Richmond Fellowship

 I am confident in continuing with the exercise myself. The information on stress was very engaging and was new information for me. It is a short and thorough look at the biology of stress and trauma and  it’s effect  on humans. An enjoyable session followed by a hands on practice of a stress release exercise to take away. I enjoyed it all.

Jenny Lynch Manager
Training and Education Services at Richmond Fellowship WA

Mindfulness for well being with Staff from Junipe
One of Western Australian largest aged care organizations.

…feedback was fantastic. The staff really connected with you and the content you guided them through…..we really appreciate the time, effort, professionalism and fun you brought to the session on both days

Patricia Greene
Training Consultant – Operational

This is what some of the staff said

The best session ever. What a wonderful speaker

Not enough time! Can we have a whole day with him? Two day workshop??

He made all of the stuff I already knew – seem new again. Awesome

This session will also be beneficial in the work place