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Adult Mindful Retreats

The retreats that I have run over the last fifteen years offer a opportunity:-

To nourish the Body and mind

Authentic communication

Rest in community

Transform limiting beliefs


Recognize freedom

I run weekend, five,  seven and nine day residential retreats in nature and at retreat centers around the world.  They have been themed from story telling, creativity, rest and a view from the heart. They focus on using mindfulness in a interpersonal way, to explore our habits and recognize freedom. Most of the retreat day are structured around silence and contemplative exercises.

What Participants say about the retreats

How powerful it is when so many people come together in a heart centred way
Amaranatho is a breath of fresh air. He … is honest and fun.
Skilful group leadership, to create insight and sense of community.

Fabulous retreat loved the group process and how I interact with others I learned to be more engaging with others

no matter what criticism or flak you take for what you do: Never give up.
Your work saves lives, relationships and hearts

That trusting myself and listening to my body and greatest gifts, hard to feel alone ad confused when you know the lanugage.

You have lead me to a place that is peaceful and safe …. for the first time in a very long time….. the journey you have helped me begin is transformational ….. I will always be grateful ….
That wisdom, community, nature, open-heartedness far surpass intelligence, riches and status
experience of non-self, power of community, vulnerable, compassion and trust, love
This is it – or as spike milligan “is that it?”

Warning: it’s not for the faint heart! Bring your honesty, be open and truthful you’ll get more than you could ever imagine.

All my workshop have anonymous feedback