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I have run several course with groups of up to twenty people exploring and living from mindfulness. They are highly experiential and provide time to be exposed to the core themes of explore, play, love as well as embodying these principles and recognizing freedom.

From Stress to Freedom is a eight week 2 hours per week and one day silent retreat, based on the highly successful mindfulness based stress reduction course.

What would participants would tell others about the course

Transformative course. More than any other retreat attend. Very applicable to everyday life.
Come along to experience a change

Course was very practical and thought provoking whilst equipping me
with very useful techniques to utilize

What they learned from the course

I learnt what a caring, forgiving man Amaranatho is and how committed to creating a better world for all
Slowing down enough to feel how I am moving through life
To be more open, sharing, connection, being aware and grateful
I learnt to accept myself for who I am
To be in the moment and just sit with an emotion. Breath listen to your body
, learnt to check my emotion, my physical feeling. Then to choose to stay with that experience or change my emotions or feeling.

“….everything is okay”

The Heart of Community  8 week course  2 hours per week and one day retreat.  During this course we will continue to explore the art of staying present to life’s challenges and joys. Whatever is present in the group during each session will be explored through mindfulness and facilitated exercises, giving us a deeper understanding of who we are and the mystery of life.

What participants said

Incredible experience that will open your mind and heart to all possibilities

Its a wonderful place to find wisdom, insight, and gain self-knowledge and connection with others.

Amaranatho is a fantastic guide and teacher who encourages you to reach deeply into yourself
… with honesty, gentleness and compassion.

What did they learn?

That listening to other and being listened to is a powerful step to take to be free
.. when I look inwards I can stop running and start feeling and from there guide myself.
… how to be truly present  and to know my true self.
…okay to be scared in doing the work and feel my vulnerability.. its wonderful to feel the support and encouragement of others on a similar journey.

All my workshop have anonymous feedback