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I support executives to redefine business strategies, implement organizational changes to support employee engagement and well-being. As helping you personally to deal with time, emotions and your own well-being.

By looking at your own belief structures around your business, your relationship to money or employees, we can turn problems into solution. I have for example supported the director of a company developing an app, to get venture capital and have just helped them to find a specialist which has just expanded the possibilities of what the app can do and funding to make it happen.

I like to bring innovation, creativity and play into the business environment to create long last change and happiness.

It’s always wise to look ahead,
but difficult to look further than you can see

Winston Churchill.


I have found the that working over a period of six one hour weekly sessions  helping you to implement mindfulness in your schedule can create change in terms of the way you deal with your time, personal life and well-being. I then normally offer one hour session bi-weekly or monthly as on-going support.

As the executives I have worked have said “they sleep better, are more resilient at meeting/people management and can deal with change more effectively.”

Why not contact us to explore how mindfulness can support you as an executive?