What I have trained in


What I have attended.

I have done numerous ten day Goenka retreats, sati-pattahana and a 30 day course. I lived for six months at the Katmandu center in Nepal and was male manager on the 10 day course during that time. I lived for nearly two years at the Goenka center in the UK.

I have been on a number of 10 day retreats with Ajahn Sumedho.
3 month group retreat every year for eights years at Amaravati
3 month solitary retreat (which means being alone in a hut and only seeing the person that brought me food)
3 x one month  solitary retreat

2 year training in Source Process Breath work with Binnie Dansby (which is once a month and one week retreat per year) and have been part of the community for over ten years. Which included a CPD weekend in 2011

Level 1 and 2 Training in TRE with DR. David Bercelli Trauma Release Exercise. 2011-2012

Non-Violent communication with several workshops including with founder Marshall Rosenberg.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course via Timothy Sweeney Heart of Mindfulness(Ireland).

I have participated in a three day intensive with Franklyn Sills on Being and Becoming ( on pre and peri natal psychology and Buddhist psychotherapy) 2013

Small group Buddhist Psychotherapy with monks and supervisor from Karuna institute (approx 2008-2010 very month)

Training in metamorphic technique in 2015

I have two criminal record bureau checks to work with young people in UK and one in Australia.

Workshops and conference attended
Family constellation workshops, breath of life conference, parenting conference, (between 2010-2013). One week Gestalt workshop held at Amaravati for monks (about 2008)
I have been in therapy for about ten years which is a mixture of personal process and therapeutic supervision for all the activities I do, this is with a Karuna institute accredited supervisor.
When I was working as technical support manager I attended a business course which Dale Carnegie designed.



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