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About me

Whether you meet Amaranatho in a workshop, retreat or personally, his approach is to respond to the situation as it unfolds. He facilitates a safe space enabling you to recognize your own wisdom, through co-exploration, playfulness, and love. He is interested in finding ways of being authentic whilst recognizing that everything is already okay. By exploring the dynamics of the way we relate to each other, we can start to recognize the limitations we impose on ourselves and access more energy, abundance, peace and wisdom.


Would you like to discover who you are and how to get the best from your life?



Would you like to have more creativity, inspiration and fun in your life?




Would you like to live a more heart centered life?


One to One

You can work with me one to one via the internet or in-person. I support my clients in many different ways from finding your life purpose, uncovering blocks, transitional changes and recognizing freedom I work on all levels from emotional to health depending on what would support you the best. I work as mentor and supervisor to other coaches/facilitators and spiritual teachers/retreat center owners.

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I am expert in applying mindfulness in a variety of organizations for well being, productivity and improved communication. I run corporate workplace and educational mindfulness training, leadership and community development workshops/retreats. I work as a Mindfulness based executive coaching.

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I run a number of retreats and workshops online or in person. These events give time and space to explore within a group what matters most in our lives.  They range from silent retreats to self-development workshops. They encourage rest, reflection, nourishment and insight into what makes us fully human.

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Who Have I worked for?




Who Have I worked for?




What people say about me

Amaranatho facilitates creation of mechanisms whereby we can learn astounding things about ourselves, our childhood, our deep rooted desires. In learning deeply about ourselves, we learn to be more present in the here and now; leading to more happiness all around.


Amaranatho has a relaxed open friendly style which helps participants be authentic. He has a lot of knowledge about the deeper process of being human, including the difficult parts experienced by many human beings. There aren't many people who openly and joyfully lead you through the territory of feeling, owning feelings that can be painful, scary etc.

About Mindfulness

I’d tell people that it is a journey of self-discovery it helps you to become more aware of your thoughts and feelings. It teaches you to be more present and in the moment it gives you a set of new tools to experiment with.

Why choose me?

My work supports the development of mindfulness, abundance, authenticity and the recognition of freedom.

I follow an ethical framework and have incorporated and embodied in my own life what I share with others. I will tell you when I have not

I integrate mindfulness with evidence based neuroscience, psychological research as well as energy medicine, nutrition and shadow work

I take full responsibility for my life and the choices I make and support others to do the same when they are ready.

I have worked with 1000's of people to transform their lives, through public talks, workshops, and residential retreats.

Listening Ear
I provide a non-judgemental listening space for you. Whilst offering honest and direct feedback when needed