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I’ve arrived in Perth on the coldest day they have had in February for 35 years, I though the pilot was making mistake that it was 8c. I’ve been reflecting on theme of Abundance, Money and love. the theme of my tour in Australia. The opposite of these are three poisons of Buddhism greed, hatred and delusion. As I notice the arising of these energies and honor them so I can transition - what I have called mindful movements and one of the titles of my workshop.

The honoring of these energies are by fully feeling them in the body - what is called an embodied practice. Mindfulness is just this; it is grounded in the body and is relational - living a mindful life is relational practice. It is not a separate practice - how could it be? Being in a physical relationship has helped me see even more clearly what is required to commit to being in and of the world.


For the first time in a long time, my body is starting to recognise a feeling of fullness I’m even putting on weight, a physical recognition of abundance for me. Directly opposite to this is the greed of never having enough, of lack, another word for suffering. When we feel abundant we want to share, we want to give. We have to remind ourselves how big our really family is and the home it has is. When we have an attitude of exploration we can start to recognise what and who we are


The desire to want to be successful has also appeared moving from donation to business orientated model. Allowing the feeling to come up and be seen from their strong societal, cultural and political perspective allows me to move away from delusion that it can only be this way to an opening up to a model where money is just a result of doing what you want to do. When we bring an attitude of play we can make ourselves more relaxed, relational and so more creative to the possibilities life can offer us.

"Wealthy or screwed."

We asked billionaire Nick Hanauer about being rich. But he'd rather talk about increasing the minimum wage.

Posted by AJ+ on Tuesday, January 19, 2016

For me love is the absence of boundaries it creates a sense of unity, the opposite is hatred and that creates separation. Opening up to loving, requires a vulnerability and openness to look at what keeps you separate. The answer is in the very thing that's stops us loving, by being mindful of our own hatred we can start to feel what it feels like to love something. With the light of that attention, the separation melts and unity has to appear, how could it not?
This is just my reflection on how I see abundance, money and love, maybe its different for you? The important thing is in noticing the affect on yourself - a mindful movement.


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Posted by Mindfulness out of the box with Amaranatho on Monday, January 25, 2016